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inhabitant / житель, обитатель
имя существительное
inhabitant, dweller, occupant, habitant, denizen, tenant
inhabitant, dweller, occupant, inmate, indweller, denizen
имя существительное
a person or animal that lives in or occupies a place.
Fluttering inhabitants occupy birdcages at either side of the porch.
The only limits set by the Constitution for House members are that they be at least 25 years old, U.S. citizens and an inhabitant of the state from which they are elected.
Such longevity is incomprehensible to an inhabitant of a country which hasn't even been around that long!
Moreover, the trust is not for the inhabitants of a parish or district, but only for some of such persons.
They will be judged on the cheerful disposition of their inhabitants .
Most of the inhabitants of the countryside were, in a very general sense of the word, peasants.
The island's original inhabitants probably came across Bass Strait during a period of low sea level.
You are looking at a newly industrialized country, whose inhabitants have money to spend.
A number of revues, plays and cabaret evenings keep the Arctic inhabitants occupied.
Fluttering inhabitants occupy birdcages at either side of the porch.
Most of the island's inhabitants were evacuated, but the volcano continues to shower the rest with ash.