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inhabit / обитать, жить, населять
dwell, inhabit, live, haunt, hang out
live, dwell, stay, reside, exist, inhabit
inhabit, populate, people, indwell, fill with people
(of a person, animal, or group) live in or occupy (a place or environment).
a bird that inhabits North America
This can be very important since some fish will inhabit silty area in preference to hard bottoms.
Now they inhabit two rooms in what appears to be a carpet factory unchanged since a wet Tuesday night in 1953.
It's as if, when God was making the animals that inhabit the Earth, he dumped here anything he got a bit wrong.
The people who inhabit this neighbourhood appear strikingly similar to one another.
What they do manage is to build and inhabit an intimate space which is quite enthralling.
Not only is the dugong vital, but also the environment inhabited by the dugong.
The house itself was built around 1750AD and the Friars of the Corpus Friary lived there after the Friary itself became inhabitable .
The people inhabiting the area are admirable because they know how to live in harmony with nature.
Its inhabitability and interior comfort are manifested through a clean design that is completely functional and friendly.
An inspection of the roof will occur on Wednesday, January 17, and more information regarding the building's inhabitability will be known at that time.