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inguinal / паховый, ингвинальный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of the groin.
inguinal lymph nodes
Sometimes the testicular vessels are traced to an abdominal, inguinal or scrotal testicular remnant, which is then removed.
In their descent, the testes may become lodged in the perineum, inguinal canal, or abdomen.
It may radiate along the inguinal ligament, perineum and rectus muscles.
The lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh passes from the lateral border of psoas major across the iliac fossa to pierce the inguinal ligament.
There was invasion of the epineurium of retroperitoneal nerves, but no direct invasion of retroperitoneal or inguinal lymph nodes by the tumor.
The remaining 36 testes were inguinally located during exploration and orchiopexy, except for 5 vanishing testes.
Occasionally sperm may be produced in the temporary inguinally retained testicle if it is located close to the scrotum.
The male has open inguinal rings and the testes are located inguinally without a true scrotal sac.
Failure of inguinally retained testes to descend might be temporary or permanent.
The intensity of pain was more severe in women, more dull, located inguinally , in low abdomen and symphysis.