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ingratiating / заискивающий, льстивый
имя прилагательное
flattering, sycophantic, smarmy, wheedling, ingratiating, smooth
имя прилагательное
intended to gain approval or favor; sycophantic.
an ingratiating manner
bring oneself into favor with someone by flattering or trying to please them.
a social climber who had tried to ingratiate herself with the city gentry
I was hopelessly early, the show was a benefit gig for the Teenage Cancer Trust and after a few minutes of conversation with an ingratiating steward it became painfully clear that she thought I was a patient.
So, you know, sometimes these men are very ingratiating and very charming and very lovable, and nobody is all bad or all good.
And that's an enormously ingratiating quality in any leader.
Nevertheless, the ingratiating neoclassical idiom to one side, all of the works on this CD have the characteristic busy-ness and polish of any of Carter's works, whatever the period.
It is not surprising that such high-ranking courtiers ended up on the receiving end, rounding out their incomes with ingratiating tips and gifts.
He is outgoing, with the ingratiating manner of one destined for politics.
But they do: the man with the ingratiating smile and the fawning manner becomes an axe-wielding, torch-burning murderer.
He needs to communicate authority and intimacy, to mix seriousness with an ingratiating humor; he wants to be respected and liked.
Instead, with an ingratiating directness, he allows the audience to share a hardworking, yet playful, day in the lives of a group of Cuban peasants.
His own brief career as a sex offender followed the same quiet, obsequious, ingratiating style, and he inflicted no physical violence on the boys involved.