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ingrain / заваривать, вливать, внушать
brew, infuse, ingrain
pour, infuse, ingrain
inspire, instill, suggest, instil, impress, ingrain
имя прилагательное
rooted, ingrained, entrenched, established, ingrain, crusted
inveteracy, ingrained, confirmed, old, engrained, ingrain
окрашенный в пряже
ingrain, dyed-in-the-wool
имя существительное
присущее кому-л. свойство
firmly fix or establish (a habit, belief, or attitude) in a person.
She's a race-walking instructor who bubbles with enthusiasm, armed with clever similes and a rigid attitude about ingraining proper technique.
имя прилагательное
(of a textile) composed of fibers that have been dyed different colors before being woven.
Aniline black for cotton was the first ingrain color, or dye developed directly on the fiber.
The dots which are represented on the groundwork of the initial are worked in back stitching; these may be worked in scarlet ingrain cotton if desired.
Aniline black for cotton was the first ingrain color, or dye developed directly on the fiber.
Where it's appropriate, I'll suggest a favorite drill to ingrain a move or feeling.
If you lay the groundwork by ingraining good technique with lots of repetition, you can develop the comfort and confidence to focus on the target and let your athletic instincts take over.
Posted calligraphy engrains the warrior code of Bushido and expounds the philosophical roots of kendo.
He viewed my role in our relationship as the underdog, without realizing, it was ingrained into him all his life. His attitude was his decision would be first and mine second.
First, it ingrains a confident stroke on short putts.
Hrabowski ingrains a sense of excellence and discipline in his students.
Imposing rules on what you can and cannot eat ingrains that kind of self control, requiring us to learn to control even our most basic, primal instincts.
If you're not crisp and fresh in recognizing and releasing thoughts, you're not really meditating; you're ingraining sloppiness.