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ingot / слиток, болванка, чушка
имя существительное
ingot, bullion
blank, ingot, pig, billet, bar
pig, ingot, bar
имя существительное
a block of steel, gold, silver, or other metal, typically oblong in shape.
In some southern areas of China they are made in the shape of the gold and silver ingots (yuan bao) that were used as money in ancient China; this augurs good fortune as well as good eating.
Lodge cast-iron is made from ‘pig-iron ingot and scrap steel converted back into iron.’
The first form of Sheffield Plate was arrived at by binding, with a brass wire, an ingot of silver to an ingot of copper which was hardened with about 25 percent brass alloy.
The result is that Cuba's territorial waters are a treasure diver's dream, covering fortunes in Spanish gold and silver, ingots , coins and jewellery.
Sheffield plate was discovered in 1742 by Thomas Boulsover, who was able to fuse sheets of sterling silver onto copper ingots .
For these reasons acid steel is considered better than basic for certain purposes, such as large forging ingots and ball bearing steel.
The steel is cast in ingots, and the ingots are rolled on a slabbing mill or a blooming mill into slabs or sheet bars.
For competing athletes, the concept is simple: win your discipline at five of the seven Golden League events and share a jackpot of 50 kg of gold ingots .
Silver processing was taking place on the site and the bulk of the silver objects are ingots , rather than chopped up brooch-pins or arm rings.
Oscillator was then placed over the plate and a number of mild steel ingots were placed on the top of the oscillator to provide required static weight.
They were astonished to find stacks of gold ingots higher than their heads and reported this to their superiors.