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ingest / глотать, проглатывать, усваивать
swallow, ingest, take, gulp, gulp down, down
swallow, ingest, devour, get down, take down, engorge
assimilate, digest, internalize, adopt, master, ingest
take (food, drink, or another substance) into the body by swallowing or absorbing it.
Frugivorous vertebrates ingest fruits and the seeds within, later defecating the seeds.
When animals ingest chemicals such as PCBs, the toxins are not broken down in the body but are instead stored in fatty tissue.
Then you paused trying to ingest all this new information.
The penguins ingest the oil as they preen their feathers, which changes the birds' immune systems, making them more vulnerable to disease.
Fungi are not able to ingest their food like animals do, nor can they manufacture their own food the way plants do.
This is David's way of being in the world: he doesn't ingest food or drink, and he doesn't sleep or get tired or bored.
Content management solution providers are focused on managing the lifecycle of the content they can ingest , classify and index within their own application.
In June, and again in the late summer, they congregate at mineral springs where they ingest salts.
I love reading on websites, where else can you ingest all the varied means of visually conveying information simultaneously?
The tentacles are pushed into the mouth to ingest food.
He could calmly ingest what was being said, absorb it, then reach over for the phone, call Jim, and find out what was happening, and what he should do.