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ingenuous / простодушный, бесхитростный
имя прилагательное
simple, ingenuous, artless, innocent, unsophisticated, guileless
artless, guileless, ingenuous, silly, shiftless, single
имя прилагательное
(of a person or action) innocent and unsuspecting.
I assure you, I'm neither ingenuous or disingenuous or naive here.
His complaint, however, that the town had failed him in not providing work for such a major always seemed to me a bit ingenuous .
At the risk of being thought even more ingenuous or, indeed, of exposing myself to ridicule, let me present another idea.
It may these days sound ingenuous , but in my memory the company gave a great deal more genuine consideration to its employees than one can find in the mealy-mouthed mantras of ‘human resources’.
Let's just keep it that way, ‘Hallie replied giving her an ingenuous smile.’
It seemed to my ingenuous eyes that this fellow was literally handing out cash to patrons as they entered the theater, and it occurred to me that this might be some kind of rebate.
So it is ingenuous to wait until planning permission has been granted to complain about the project.
By association, the current designer is handicapped by the fact that men look behind any cultural invention for irrelevant, ingenuous , or threatening forces.
You have guests staying: nice, kind, ingenuous and well-meaning people, who are also rather boring.
Policy-planning, decision-making and implementation of strategy should be transparent and ingenuous .
Such ingenuous theatricality marked much of that failed President's public speech, just as it marks his son's - a self-reflexiveness that many journalists noted at the time.