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ingenuity / изобретательность, искусность, мастерство
имя существительное
ingenuity, inventiveness, resourcefulness, invention, ingeniousness, contrivance
adeptness, subtlety, finesse, ingenuity, cleverness, adroitness
skill, craftsmanship, mastery, workmanship, excellence, ingenuity
имя существительное
the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.
In every way - performance, build quality, ingenuity of design - it is the better car.
I marvel at the almost boundless ingenuity and skill of mankind sometimes.
The elements of heaven and earth are elegantly manifested by the artists' ingenuity .
They must use all their ingenuity to complete their hazardous work and survive.
By the very nature of them it is clear you are a man of some intelligence and some ingenuity .
This is because there was little structural inventiveness or technical ingenuity .
However, these are remarkable examples of ingenuity as well as artistry.
Originality and ingenuity are the aims of a competition launched at a Trowbridge school on Friday.
The story is told with considerable ingenuity and also a little humour from a team fully in touch with their puppet world.
Rather, the curators have used their resources with ingenuity to make us look at Dutch painting in a very different way.
Despite the technology, you still need human talent and ingenuity to create a work of greatness.