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infusion / настой, вливание, инфузия
имя существительное
infusion, tea
infusion, injection
имя существительное
a drink, remedy, or extract prepared by soaking the leaves of a plant or herb in liquid.
Whether drinks have infusions , fresh fruit or vegetable garnishes, or muddled fruit - fresh, sparkling, simple and less sweet are the buzz words this spring.
the introduction of a new element or quality into something.
the infusion of $6.3 million for improvements
He saw the tribal leader drinking an infusion from a plant bearing a striking resemblance to Chinese tea.
the infusion of $6.3 million for improvements
The regular insulin regimen was 0.1 units per kg followed by continuous infusion of 0.1 units per kg per hour until correction of hyperglycemia.
This rebuilding job will need at least one more season of talent infusion to contend for the playoffs.
And you have to hope and pray for everybody's sake that what the president said last night is that it would be better now that he's asked for this huge new infusion of money.
The negligible impact of this ever-increasing cash infusion on reading scores is illustrated in this chart.
She bathed his wounds in a steaming infusion of sweet smelling herbs, and as they inhaled the steam, their exhaustion seeped out of their bones.
Drink an infusion of sage-a few leaves in a cup of boiling water (let the water cool a little).
That infusion of cash that's coming in to save Social Security can really only come from one source - higher taxes.
This is the first time that such improvement in a chronic neurological disease has occurred following infusion of a growth factor.