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infuriating / приводящий в ярость
имя прилагательное
приводящий в ярость
имя прилагательное
making one extremely angry and impatient; very annoying.
that infuriating half-smile on his face
make (someone) extremely angry and impatient.
her silences infuriated him
This argument that bad doctors are responsible for the medical malpractice crisis is the most infuriating argument out there.
The whole area of politics and campaigning is infuriating at times.
This time his team chose the big city to produce their most infuriating performance of the season.
The battle for power has moved into the shadows, casting an infuriating fog over its news coverage.
Millions of kids, through the book, feel the infuriating injustices of autocracy.
His inability to see her side of this was infuriating .
I refer to the infuriating trend for some organisations to simply ignore the email they receive.
On the other hand, this game can be absolutely infuriating .
In any case, dealing with life on a bad team can be infuriating .
Elizabeth found the question, voiced so mildly, infuriating .