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infringement / нарушение, посягательство
имя существительное
violation, disturbance, breach, infringement, contravention, offense
infringement, invasion, trespass, inroad
имя существительное
the action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.; violation.
copyright infringement
the action of limiting or undermining something.
the infringement of the right to privacy
For those prosecuted under federal copyright law, the punishment for criminal infringement may depend on the value of the copied work.
It has also made suing infringers easier for publishers by permitting suit against the facilitator of copyright infringement .
this bill is an infringement of our civil liberties
To take another example, copyright law forbids vicarious or contributory infringement .
Any opposition or infringement of the strict work rules resulted in fines which reduced their already minimal take home pay.
But somehow, preventative medicine gets spun into an infringement on our God-given right to get drunk wherever and whenever we like.
He therefore pleads that each act by the defendants is an infringement .
Three families in France have won, on appeal, monetary damages for infringement of their childrens' rights not to have been born.
He alleged that the exercise was an infringement on the basic federal structure of the Constitution.
More importantly, they are an infringement on the very freedoms that Washington's over-hyped "war on terror" is supposedly being fought to protect.