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infringe / нарушать, ущемлять, посягать
violate, break, disturb, infringe, breach, transgress
infringe, pinch, wound
encroach, infringe, impinge, invade, trespass, trench upon
actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.).
making an unauthorized copy would infringe copyright
The Bill of Rights spells out citizens' inherent liberties and limits the government's power to infringe those rights.
There is a place for a healthy patriotism so long as it does not undermine or infringe on the rights and feelings of others.
I wouldn't infringe on his privacy
making an unauthorized copy would infringe copyright
Holding maintains he does not infringe the law, since his chips do not contain any code.
While that is bad, is that number high enough to infringe on the liberties of every single driver in the state?
I wouldn't infringe on his privacy
I'm against it, as an unnecessary and expensive excuse to infringe my civil liberties, but there are those for them and against.
What right had he to infringe on my personal relationships?
In his report Mr Crumley said he didn't feel the development would infringe on the elderly people's privacy.