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infotainment / информационно-развлекательная
  • infotainment system - развлекательная система
информационная поддержка
information support
имя существительное
broadcast material that is intended both to entertain and to inform.
Information and documentation, in the hand of corporate interests in TV-land, have become practices of the past, easily replaced by infotainment and broadcast excuses for advertising spots.
Digitised content is all about infotainment - films, television, and media more generally.
With the rise of the mass media, the very processes of cultural activity and conversation has been turned into commodity: current affairs, elite sport, soap operas, infotainment .
We can't escape the ever-increasing waves of advertising, infotainment , fluff and mayhem that hit us at every turn.
We've all complained about creeping infotainment , media concentration, the lack of serious investigative TV, the tabloid nature of the magazine shows and on and on.
A plethora of entertainment, infotainment , sports and news channels have gone on air in this period.
Call it infotainment , edutainment or entertainment, everything is available at the venue.
When pornography is commercialized as infotainment , it is bought and sold in the entertainment market on the Internet, proprietarily commoditized for its consumers.
In TV, we've seen the growth of infotainment formats blending entertainment and informational aspects of media consumption.
Located in the wine and beer section, for example, the screens might provide infotainment about things like grape types, the latest harvest, and wine specials on sale in the store.
With society becoming increasingly depoliticised and infotainment consuming a greater slice of the news cake, even our desire for the truth is debatable.