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informer / информатор, доносчик, осведомитель
имя существительное
informer, intelligencer
informer, snitch, informant, squeal, sneak, delator
informant, informer, snitch, canary, stooge, intelligencer
имя существительное
a person who informs on another person to the police or other authority.
The prosecutors knew the case details as provided by the undercover police officers, the informers and the supervisors.
He'll be chasing down revelations first aired on this program last night that a leaked police report on an informer may have led to his murder.
Gang members came and threatened her as an informer .
There was a substantial body of circumstantial evidence implicating the accused in addition to the informer 's evidence.
On the witness stand, the police repeatedly rejected the informer 's claims.
He says he received death threats written in blood and accusing him of being an informer after information he gave police in confidence leaked out.
Last week the police force were batting away allegations of systemic problems with witnesses or informers getting police protection.
The opprobrium that once attached to informers , snitches, snouts, shoppers and narks in all walks of life no longer exists.
Some of the papers contained highly sensitive details of informers and information supplied to Special Branch.
Whether that excludes what used to be called common informers I am not sure.
The prosecution must thus assert a claim to public interest immunity if evidence of the identity of informers is to be excluded.