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information / информация, сведения, данные
имя существительное
information, info, data, communication, intelligence, gen
intelligence, information, data, info, light, showing
data, information, evidence, records, facts, record
message, report, communication, statement, information, notification
имя существительное
facts provided or learned about something or someone.
a vital piece of information
what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things.
genetically transmitted information
The practitioner, in turn, may consciously or unconsciously convey this information to the patient.
We need to look outside of the ‘normal channels’ used to convey security information .
All the cards contain a computer chip which stores information , such as what type of meal has been purchased by the pupil.
Women who are Rhesus negative will receive information and counselling about the treatment.
The information service can provide you with information and advice on all your rights and entitlements.
You, sir, for what ever reason, work hard to provide solid information on a regular basis that I can use.
It must sit on something, it must be able to convey its information to somewhere; it must be able to be reset.
The choice of axioms in a logical system can represent content specific information .
There are some pieces of information that I will provide here that I believe are worth reading.
Police stressed the man was not a suspect or under arrest but hoped he could provide vital information that could lead them to the killer.