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informant / осведомитель, информант, доносчик
имя существительное
informant, informer, snitch, canary, stooge, intelligencer
informer, snitch, informant, squeal, sneak, delator
It has been claimed that information supplied by an informant to the Special Branch in Dublin, which if acted upon might have thwarted the terrorists, was never passed to the RUC.
Some indication will be sought from the police as to when the informant is likely to come under the jurisdiction of the Prison Service.'
I have also twice had the experience of suddenly recognizing the description of another anthropologist's informant as a mutual friend.
Also the experiment may have been actually performed by his informant, though the informant may just have relied on other well credentialed chemists.
Two scores were obtained from each informant 's version of the scale: the Number of Conflicts and the Mean Anger Intensity.
Birame plays the part of a native informant who can ‘translate’ the local culture for her.
Columbus records it during his very first voyage as the name of a people whom his informants fear for their ferocity.
The judgments in the table below should not be taken too seriously, as they represent only my memory of the answers given by perhaps half a dozen informants , all of whom were American students or faculty.
Illinois is pondering legislation that would require pretrial reliability hearings before prosecutors could use jailhouse informants as witnesses.
Crimes are solved by culling the group of people ‘known’ to commit offences of a certain type, or by cultivation of informants .