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info / информация, сообщения, жалоба
имя существительное
information, info, data, communication, intelligence, gen
complaint, appeal, claim, grievance, plaint, info
awareness, knowledge, information, conversance, privity, info
charge, prosecution, accusation, indictment, accusing, info
имя существительное
I wanted to blog it then, but there was so little info on the internet about it that I didn't dare.
In any case, if you have the inside info on the large print issue, please please let us know!
There is so much info out there on the net, it boggles the mind when you really think about it!
Apparently it is pretty good and clear and the right length and has all the relevant info .
I've had to email the employer twice to ask them to send me some info , but nothing has appeared yet.
Sayles chokes you with enough info to fill a documentary and asks you to chew on it for a while.
Expect more stuff and more links and clips and info in the run-up to the show.
the essential info that every seasoned traveller knows
This is the kind of info that people of my age would never have even dreamed of getting when they were starting out.
At that point my mind went to mush and I wasn't able to compute very much info .
This little bit of info is on every single direct debit agreement you sign.