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influx / наплыв, втекание, впадение
имя существительное
influx, flow, inflow, dissolve, inundation, spate
inflow, influx
confluence, fall, inflow, inflowing, influx
имя существительное
an arrival or entry of large numbers of people or things.
a massive influx of refugees from front-line areas
an inflow of water into a river, lake, or the sea.
The lower Texas coast is on the ‘dirty’ side of the storm, virtually guaranteeing strong influxes of rich Gulf water into the major bays and estuaries.
Neighbouring Iran said it was sealing its border with Afghanistan to prevent a possible influx of refugees.
The report shows civil servants are making contingency plans for an influx of 14m new arrivals.
Placing cells in a hypoosmotic environment leads to the influx of water into the cell.
The influx of ‘tax refugees’ would make it even harder for Scots to study close to home.
Where are the massive influx of new shoppers heading to the Moors Centre going to park?
York has also the tourist network to deal with the massive influx in numbers crowding the city's hotels.
This melting of the ice caps causes an influx of fresh water into the salt water of the world's oceans.
Cell division is followed by the influx of water, which drives cell extension.
a massive influx of refugees from front-line areas
When it comes to Spain and Italy, they are suffering from the massive influx of foreigners to their leagues.