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influent / втекающий, впадающий
имя прилагательное
inflowing, influent
имя существительное
inflow, tributary, supply, affluent, afflux, influent
имя прилагательное
flowing in.
the influent lines were relocated while waste water was still flowing
имя существительное
a stream, especially a tributary, that flows into another stream or lake.
The method involves the steps of continuously flowing an influent into a treatment basin and continuously flowing an effluent out of the treatment basin into a clarifier.
In summer, influent waters are commonly warm and enter the uppermost waters, but cooler rainwater falling at night may sink to the level of the thermocline before moving out into the basin.
The influent pump shaft acts as a lift station delivering raw sewage from a newly constructed 9.5-mile-long 18-foot diameter rock tunnel.
In Chile, a pending study by Claudio Miranda, of the Laboratory of Aquatic Pathology, found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in fish farm effluent that was ‘significantly higher ‘than the influent , the feed or any other element.’
Municipal water treatment plants must charge customers for the increased chemicals and electricity necessary for water treatment when influent raw water has high turbidity levels.
Use at least a 4-inch diameter sewer line (also known as influent line or distribution pipe) from the house to the lagoon.
Therefore, adjustments to the dosing system must be made when influent flows change substantially.
In case of the river Ganges, it is effluent in south-west while influent in the north of Calcutta.
The influent waters carry not only solute loads, but also sediments both in suspension and along the bed of the streams.
Each system is designed to handle a certain volume of water per day, but the system is also tailored for the qualities of the specific influent .
Good examples of influent streams include the Nile, and the Colorado River in the southwestern United States.