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influence / влияние, воздействие, действие
имя существительное
influence, impact, effect, power, sway, action
impact, effect, influence, action, pressure, reaction
act, action, effect, force, influence, operation
лицо, оказывающее влияние
фактор, оказывающее влияние
оказывать влияние
influence, bias, operate, reach, exert one's influence
influence, affect, act, manipulate, exert, weigh
имя существительное
the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.
the influence of television violence
have an influence on.
social forces influencing criminal behavior
Charges located further in the pore interior have a greater influence on selectivity.
he was a man of influence in the literary world
Your writing style is actually inspiring and has had an influence on my own.
their friends are having a bad influence on them
So I've learned from them, and I think I've probably been an influence on them.
When prey are attacked by predators, escape ability has an obvious influence on the probability of survival.
But it hasn't yet had enough influence on mainstream developers to alter the direction of urban growth.
The second main viticultural role widely attributed to the monks was their influence on the development of vineyards in the Americas.
Bach remained, however, arguably the most important influence on his musical development.
she was a calming influence