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inflow / приток, наплыв, втекание
имя существительное
inflow, tributary, supply, affluent, afflux, feeder
influx, flow, inflow, dissolve, inundation, spate
inflow, influx
имя существительное
a large amount of money, people, or water, that moves or is transferred into a place.
some enclosed seas are subject to large inflows of fresh water
the firm experienced two years of cash inflow
Net inflow into life assurance and pension funds rose by just 7% last year and this year has got off to a very wobbly start.
Without an inflow of young migrants, the British labour market would become tighter, leading companies to relocate overseas.
This would be done through increasing the inflow of resources to support development programmes.
This is partly because, when you put the two together, Britain has more incomers than outgoers, and thus a net inflow of population.
The inflow of people with disposable incomes could cause Bradford to remodel itself as an integrated living and leisure city with a sound economic basis.
an inflow of less salty water
But such a massive inflow would create problems for Australia's multicultural policy.
Italy, to take one example, is estimated to require an inflow of at least 200,000 people a year just to keep its workforce steady.
As Europe's population ages, an inflow of immigrants is likely to be an economic plus.