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inflict / налагать, навязывать, накладывать
impose, inflict, give, administer, clap, put on
impose, force, intrude, enforce, thrust, inflict
superimpose, lay, lay on, inflict
наносить удар
strike a blow, deal a blow, lunge, strike at, deliver a blow, inflict
причинять страдание
afflict, inflict, distress, ail
cause (something unpleasant or painful) to be suffered by someone or something.
they inflicted serious injuries on three other men
she is wrong to inflict her beliefs on everyone else
Its whip-like tail can drive a tail spine into an intruder and inflict a painful wound.
she is wrong to inflict her beliefs on everyone else
The defendant was found to have a stainless steel multi-tool with a knife blade on it which he had used to inflict the wounds.
I grabbed the gaffing hook and managed to inflict a minor flesh wound in his calf before we called it quits.
At one level, this is certainly the case: the loss of a top operative inevitably inflicts some damage on the operational capabilities of an organisation.
The latter returned fire, inflicting some casualties on the guerrillas.
The speech itself was not the inflicter of the excruciating pain.
But remember, the hand that inflicts the wound also holds the cure.
The more polite inflictor of this mildly embarrassing situation will usually hastily strafe away in a breakneck fashion.