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inflexible / негибкий, непреклонный, несгибаемый
имя прилагательное
inflexible, rigid, stiff, inelastic, hard-and-fast
inflexible, adamant, inexorable, unbending, relentless, uncompromising
die-hard, inflexible, unyielding, tough, adamant, hard-bitten
имя прилагательное
unwilling to change or compromise.
once she had made up her mind, she was inflexible
not able to be bent; stiff.
the heavy inflexible armor of the beetles
The trouble is that the counterpart of high productivity is low employment because of the structure of French labour markets and the low level of consumer demand - labour markets that are even more inflexible than in Germany.
The contract is inflexible , whatever the circumstances.
When you disagree with her or won't go along with something she wants to do, she's completely inflexible and unwilling to compromise.
Here is a man who counts it a virtue to be inflexible and to hold firm in the face of changing circumstances.
People who are more rigid and inflexible have more difficulty adapting, so you need to have lot of different kinds of skills in order to succeed?
Normal red blood cells are round and pliable, but in persons with sickle cell anemia these cells become firm and inflexible .
First, the structure of the colonial revenue system - with its high and inflexible tax rates - drastically increased peasant vulnerability to drought.
He has an inflexible regime and must stick to a timetable of food and injections.
Unfortunately, this often made him appear stubborn, inflexible , and difficult.
People over 35 were thought to be ‘too inflexible and unwilling to learn’.