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inflated / надутый, вздутый, дутый
имя прилагательное
inflated, sulky, puffy, windblown, distent, fustian
inflated, swollen
inflated, phony, exaggerated, phoney, false
имя прилагательное
distended through being filled with air or gas.
a partially inflated balloon
excessively or unreasonably high.
inflated salaries
fill (a balloon, tire, or other expandable structure) with air or gas so that it becomes distended.
At launch, the balloon is partially inflated with helium and expands as it rises.
increase (something) by a large or excessive amount.
objectives should be clearly set out so as not to duplicate work and inflate costs
Then replace the punctured rear wheel with the inflated front wheel.
Then tougher legislation is announced to deal with the inflated problem.
My prize goes to whoever wrote the ridiculously inflated press blurb.
Furthermore, inability to pay these inflated rates now results in disconnection.
Instead, this massive over-expansion of credit is feeding directly into inflated housing prices.
Even more important than inflated notions of the fundamentalists' power may be their entertainment value.
This is despite many of the large hotels expecting big revenues through hugely inflated hotel charges.
The inflated expectations for publication of the last twenty years have not been healthy for the profession.
Despite being hit by an inflated projectile, he is intent on risking more close encounters in the same way.
Perhaps they have an inflated sense of how much they should be valued.