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inflatable / надувной
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
capable of being filled with air.
an inflatable mattress
имя существительное
a plastic or rubber object that must be filled with air before use.
three sailors manned the inflatable
When someone says inflatable hospital, images of a jumping castle filled with doctors spring to mind.
He said some passengers used inflatable slides to get out of the plane in the blowing snow, while others got out on stairs at the rear of the plane.
The company's inflatable tube is part of the first airbag system that also provides protection in roll-over accidents.
Gosh, there's even a humungous, inflatable snowman standing on the thoroughfare of a local shopping centre.
Pirates in two 25 ft rigid inflatable boats approached the liner and started shooting as they tried to get on board.
You can also clamber into a tank, helicopter or inflatable boat.
the inflatable was brought ashore
Swing boats, carousels, inflatable sumo wrestlers and rodeo-style bucking broncos are among a host of rides booked.
inflatable raft
As well as the usual horse and dog shows, there were activities for children including bouncy castles, rodeo rides and inflatable slides.