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inflammable / горючий, воспламеняющийся, легковоспламеняющийся
имя прилагательное
combustible, inflammable, ignitable
inflammable, ignitable, fiery
flammable, combustible, inflammable, tindery, touchy, apt to take fire
имя существительное
горючее вещество
имя прилагательное
easily set on fire.
inflammable and poisonous gases
Some of the worst domestic fire outbreaks have been a result of keeping inflammable liquids in homes.
He gave instructions accordingly, but directed that all safety precautions should be taken to prevent inflammable material falling off the wharf into the oil.
The inquest was told that the fire was deliberately started when inflammable liquid was poured through the couple's letterbox and ignited using a wick made out of cotton-like material.
I saw a lot of highly inflammable materials stacked together while 30 to 40 gas bottles were moved from the scene.
If you are surrounded by easily available inflammable material, you don't have to worry about fuel economy.
These have a greater capacity for overloading circuits which increases the risk of fire. You should also make sure the fuse box does not have inflammable material stored against or near it.
Pure phosphorus is a non-metallic solid which exists in three forms, one of them highly poisonous and spontaneously inflammable .
A thorough inspection of the complex 40-hectare site, which contains numerous highly inflammable gas and liquid gas storage and production facilities, would require weeks.
A spokesman said such staircases were meant to be ‘sterile’ areas without inflammable materials.
A water extinguisher can put out things like burning wood, paper or cardboard, but it does not work well on electrical fires or fires involving inflammable liquids.