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inflame / воспаляться, воспламенять, возбудить
inflame, get inflamed
ignite, inflame, fire, kindle, enkindle, prime
excite, stir up, inflame, touch up
provoke or intensify (strong feelings, especially anger) in someone.
high fines further inflamed public feelings
cause inflammation in (a part of the body).
the finger joints were inflamed with rheumatoid arthritis
light up with or as if with flames.
the torches inflame the night to the eastward
He wanted to dampen down divisions rather than inflame anti-European feelings in his party.
They are not at all helpful and might inflame the situation.
I don't know why the police had to do this but it will only inflame local people around here.
Some of the men outside the mosque said that the raid would inflame the situation’.
Usually, outside comments just serve to inflame the situation.
Some retailers think that if they report light-fingered staff to police instead of simply firing them, they inflame the situation and increase the risk of later legal action.
She smiled, but she was an Angels fan and wasn't about to start encouraging an uppity little Yankees fan's affections, which only served to inflame him further.
the torches inflame the night to the eastward
The value of citizenship is eroded in the enthusiasm of these outfits to inflame communal passions to win adherents to the extremist cult.
I don't doubt that such experiences can inflame devotion, like any pious dream.