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infirmity / немощь, слабость, дряхлость
имя существительное
infirmity, debility, invalidity
weakness, debility, fragility, failing, feebleness, infirmity
decrepitude, senility, infirmity, invalidity, caducity, anility
имя существительное
physical or mental weakness.
old age and infirmity come to men and women alike
old age and infirmity come to men and women alike
Many owners have found they were no longer able to use them as they got older because ill health or infirmity prevented them from travelling.
Lognar tried as best he could to maintain a stern and uncompromising demeanor with this enemy of his people, but was plainly worn out by his exertions and his obvious physical infirmity .
Of course, there's no denying the fact that infirmity coupled with sickness will always stalk the retirees and seize every opportunity to pounce on us.
There are other possibilities: insufficient exercise, unsuitable food, old age and infirmity , or genetic weaknesses.
Health expenses means expenditure on the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of illness, injury, infirmity or disability.
It is just as meaningful to speak of levels of vitality and healthfulness as of debility and infirmity .
As things stood at the beginning of 1990, Mrs Adam's life was reasonably settled and happy, taking into account her age and physical infirmity .
That's generally a good indication of mental infirmity .
This year unfortunately some of our volunteers are unable to help us through illness or infirmity and two of our younger members have moved away from the area.