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infirmary / лазарет, больница, изолятор
имя существительное
hospital, infirmary
insulator, isolator, infirmary, probationary ward
имя существительное
a place in a large institution for the care of those who are ill.
the prison infirmary
The section ends with Stephen recovering in the school infirmary .
The woman, who is in her 90s, is being treated by Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust, which has wards on the infirmary site.
When I went down to the prison infirmary , I walked down there on my own and I didn't really lose much blood.
I awoke, letting my eyes slowly adjust to the dim but still traumatic lighting of the infirmary .
Police are also carrying out medical reviews of 18 other deaths at the infirmary and St James's Hospital in Leeds.
I sat there in the infirmary watching the nurses run about, taking blood and putting in tube after tube trying to save him.
the prison infirmary
Cherry sat across from them in the prison's infirmary , sipping slowly at her cup of warm milk.
Even those who have access to an infirmary or clinic may visit herbalists or other healers.
Norris, originally from Scotland where he trained, began work as a staff nurse in orthopaedics at the infirmary in December 2001.