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infirm / немощный, дряхлый, слабовольный
имя прилагательное
infirm, feeble, sickish
decrepit, senile, infirm, ramshackle, wintery, wintry
weak, infirm, flabby, wanting in purpose, weak-minded, weak-kneed
loosen, weaken, relax, attenuate, reduce, infirm
undermine, disrupt, destroy, sap, destabilize, infirm
имя прилагательное
not physically or mentally strong, especially through age or illness.
Mentally and physically infirm , he stayed in the jail lobby for three days before anyone noticed him.
There are also plans for an eight-bed care facility for elderly, mentally infirm residents, which will be run by Pembrokeshire County Council.
We'd rather believe that health care is all about healing the sick, helping the infirm and comforting the afflicted.
One other category springs to mind - those who are too young, old, sick and infirm to move at all.
Meanwhile, here's the story of a special smart couch for the sick or infirm that is designed to recognize who is sitting in it, and help them to perform various tasks.
The development will include an elderly and mentally infirm unit, and 55 residential flats on land adjacent to the cricket ground.
Well the sick and infirm crawled out of their beds to play this fine course, but of course they didn't play it very well.
While standing for an expanded trade unionism the left has to carefully but firmly distinguish itself from their Congress' infirm vision.
The Windsor unit cares for seven residents who are mentally infirm and are suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or other types of dementia.
Furthermore, the home was failing to create an environment where mentally ill and physically infirm people could properly be cared for and safely live alongside each other.
There were not even stretchers or wheelchairs to carry the sick and infirm .