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infinitude / бесконечность, бесконечно большое число, бесконечно большое количество
имя существительное
infinity, infinite, infinitude, perpetuity
бесконечно большое число
бесконечно большое количество
имя существительное
the state or quality of being infinite or having no limit.
the infinitude of the universe
To portray God in human form in a two-dimensional fresco is to limit God's infinitude that is infinitely beyond the powers of the human mind to perceive.
To say understanding depletes the object understood, and by extension the whole objective world, is merely to say that specificities limit infinitude .
As Mr Fowles again points out, we find ourselves adrift on a raft, in a silent, unyielding universe, dominated by hazard and infinitude .
Many of Page's poems offer other varieties of infinitude .
A shroud of thick clouds obscured its furthest side, giving the illusion of infinitude .
He must surely have meant that, when you listen to a masterpiece, you have a sense that you are in the presence of infinitude .
the infinitude of the universe
The sublime in Aviram's theory is ‘a sense of infinitude , or excess, specifically in relation to language’, thereby rhythm exists beyond the contingencies of semantic meaning.
One suspects its intricacies are a shorthand for infinitude .
It's a novel of stories within stories that aspires to the condition of the imaginary book at its shifting centre - infinitude .