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infill / заполнитель
имя существительное
material that fills or is used to fill a space or hole.
The crane lifted a large bottom-dump concrete bucket filled with granular infill material.
fill or block up (a space or hole).
In this case, the matrix seen through the hole would represent sediment that has infilled an indentation originating in the interior of the valve.
When conservation comes up against infill, infill wins every time.
Carefully planned to take advantage of its site and climate, this new house sets an example for infill development in the hot and sunny Brisbane suburbs
Gravels are common in rivers, they cover old river terraces, and they infill buried channels beneath many river valleys in ancient fluvial sedimentary sequences.
It will have a cutaway section so you can see how the crater was originally shaped because it's got a lot of silt and infill in it - 50,000 years is a long time.
The job required 1.8 million cu yd of excavation, four detention basins and 1.3 million cu yd of infill .
An infill piece can be added on top of the wall to close off an area, creating a private office.
Here, to free this wall of the defect meant considerable extra labour costs, extra materials and extra infill of a higher quality, which goes beyond the standard.
Elimination of substandard housing and encouragement of infill housing, including downtown residential development.
Recent controversies range from infill developments in leafy green suburbs to mobile phone masts and a winter depot for travelling show people near Micheldever.
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