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infighting / внутренняя борьба, ближний бой, бой с ближней дистанции
имя существительное
внутренняя борьба
ближний бой
infighting, close-in fighting
бой с ближней дистанции
имя существительное
hidden conflict or competitiveness within an organization.
This back-stabbing confirms and supports Naki's assertion that there are divisions and infighting within the organisation.
The ensuing and recurrent financial crises led to constant infighting within the ruling clique.
All this infighting within the political parties is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
Political infighting between councillors both across and within parties is mentioned and criticised adversely.
infighting between departments grew worse
Very little coverage has been given to the infighting within Loyalist organisations and the possible implications for Scotland.
the split was designed to end political infighting
In boroughs political infighting became almost continuous, as rival factions fought for control of corporate institutions.
The big question is whether we will seize that opportunity or again let the transport debate get mired in political infighting and obfuscation.
Other factors contributed to the debacle, such as political infighting between the Red Cross and federal and provincial agencies.
It was a fragile new nation beset by political infighting and civil war involving ethnic minorities and communists backed by China.