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inferior / низший, нижний, худший
имя прилагательное
lower, inferior, low, subordinate, under, undermost
lower, bottom, under, inferior, nether, caudal
worse, inferior, downscale
имя существительное
subordinate, inferior, sub, secondary, dependent, junior
младший по чину
стоящий ниже
имя прилагательное
lower in rank, status, or quality.
schooling in inner-city areas was inferior to that in the rest of the country
low or lower in position.
ulcers located in the inferior and posterior wall of the duodenum
имя существительное
a person lower than another in rank, status, or ability.
her social and intellectual inferiors
an inferior letter, figure, or symbol.
This mark indicates that the letter is superior to an inferior .
Zhang attributed the decline in safety qualifications to price wars that encouraged some firms to reduce standards and begin using inferior materials.
Income effects on attendance were found to be negative, which supports the idea found in previous research of hockey as an inferior good.
Differences between the values indicated by the same inferior letter are significant at the 5% level.
If something's been shown to be better, do you stick with the old, inferior standard?
The situation reminds me of the commonly held view that anything ‘local’ is inferior to that from ‘foreign.’
It is by the judicious use of such articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built up to resist every tendency towards flagging under the weight of inferior food substances.
Simmons and Torre are clearly inferior to the other ten catchers and would rank 11 th and 12 th, respectively, in my book.
Where nets are used, they are mostly of poor quality, providing an inferior barrier against malaria-carrying mosquitoes.
The inferior thyroid, and intercostal bronchial, gastric, and phrenic veins provide venous drainage.
The lateral part of the anterior commissure traverses the inferior part of the corpus striatum.