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infect / заражать
infect, contaminate, taint, inoculate, give, canker
affect (a person, organism, cell, etc.) with a disease-causing organism.
there is no evidence that the virus can infect humans
Antivirus software can only protect your computer from viruses trying to infect it via email, CD-Rom, floppy disk, Word documents or other types of computer files.
These will have been totally ineffective because international research shows canola pollen can travel up to 6 km to infect other canola crops.
Clearly, unadulterated bias contaminates many stories and can even infect the entire Washington press corps from time to time.
Soil from your garden contains bacteria, noxious seeds, and possibly other harmful organisms that may infect your newly potted plants.
In either case, they'll die before they can infect food or water supplies.
These produce a less pungent smell than do the diverse organisms which infect many surface-ripened cheeses.
Often, there is a mixing of genes from viruses that infect different species and this creates drastically different viruses.
Because they are Christians who believe in creationism, and the literal truth of the Bible, they are, it seems, unfit to teach children, lest they infect them with their foul ideas.
He is out to remove the spectator from his normal or appropriate perceptual field, and in doing so to infect him with his own personal doubts.
there is no evidence that the virus can infect humans