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infantryman / пехотинец
имя существительное
infantryman, peon, footman, foot-soldier, foot-slogger
имя существительное
a soldier belonging to an infantry unit.
As operations unfold, the Army has found that protection is needed not just for infantrymen but for every soldier in theatre.
He enlisted as an infantryman in Perth in 1951 full of mischief and determination.
The combat infantryman and combat medical badge have an honored place in our tradition of recognizing people who do war's dirty work.
My assignments were primarily as a tactical soldier in multiple divisions, both as an infantryman and an intelligence professional.
He successfully produced an excellent account of an infantryman 's war by one who fought it.
For example, an infantryman with a rifled musket was a greater threat to artillerymen and cavalrymen.
The artillerymen did not only assume new roles as gate guards or as mechanized infantrymen .
The synergistic effect of brave infantrymen , massed artillery and close air support was why Bastogne held.
When the weather socked in again, the infantrymen and artillerymen were ready for the German main attack that took place on Christmas Eve.
The crew consists of commander, gunner, driver, and four infantrymen , with the commander normally dismounting with the squad.
Air and Missile Defense soldiers, like all soldiers, must be infantrymen first.