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infantry / пехота
имя существительное
infantry, foot, dogface
имя существительное
soldiers marching or fighting on foot; foot soldiers collectively.
Then there were the marine corps and army infantry who waded ashore or were landed by air on island after island.
The force now included around a battalion of infantry as well as a squadron of military engineers.
They were offered first one infantry battalion, the one based on Cyprus, and then another.
This elite force consisted of nine regiments, six of cavalry and three of infantry .
This may explain why British troops did not join American infantry in the march to Baghdad.
The infantry battle was finely balanced, both sides fighting bravely hand-to-hand.
the ships carried two regiments of infantry
Haig has been criticised by some for his belief in the simple advance of infantry troops on enemy lines.
Jason Burke spent a week on patrol with the US infantry and reservists trying to win hearts and minds.
There she found a unit of infantry soldiers who were also without a commanding officer.
Not according to a friend of mine who is a logistics specialist with an elite British infantry regiment.