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infant / младенец, ребенок, дитя
имя существительное
baby, infant, child, babe, suckling, cheeper
child, baby, kid, infant, babe, brat
child, baby, infant, babe, bairn
имя прилагательное
childish, childlike, baby, childly, children's, infant
incipient, infant, inceptive
elementary, initial, primary, early, opening, infant
имя существительное
a very young child or baby.
Children consistently rated girls better caregivers for infants , young kids and the elderly.
It's a program still in its infant stage, and change is inevitable.
Again, we utilized a portion of the 800 system back then - it was in its infant stages in implementation.
their first year at infant school
Running a party now, without electoral commission funding or time to establish a brand would simply kill any infant party before it had any time to grow.
OOL is an infant science, and it seems to me that progress is being made.
I think we are at the very infant stages of this debate, even though 18 months is perhaps not a very long time in the media.
the infant Labour Party
If we do all this, we have truly begun to develop the infant medium.
From the early infant stage, children with autism are likely to be developmentally delayed.
I would ask the Court to note that the plaintiff is an infant .