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infancy / младенчество, детство, детский возраст
имя существительное
infancy, childhood, babyhood, cradle
childhood, infancy
детский возраст
childhood, infancy
minority, infancy, pupilage, pupillage, nonage
раннее детство
имя существительное
the state or period of early childhood or babyhood.
a son who died in infancy
Generally speaking, men's fathering behaviors do not center on an investment in childcare during infancy and early childhood.
In rural Bangladesh, for example, more girls than boys die during infancy and early childhood.
These arrhythmias usually occur early in life during infancy or childhood.
DVDs were still in their infancy and putting a two and a half hour movie on one side of the disc was many months away.
Plans are in their infancy , but beer lovers are promised a ‘special’ selection of beers, culled from the group's excellent contacts in the trade.
To make matters worse, all four of your children have died in infancy , and you can no longer find in yourself the will to meet your husband's physical needs.
The best time to correct it is during infancy or early childhood.
a son who died in infancy
This inability often arises from infancy , mental incapacity, or lack of access to counsel.
For newcomers, Killoughternane, Tuesday night's award ceremony gave a welcome boost to conservation initiatives that are still in their infancy .