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infamy / позор, бесчестье, бесславие
имя существительное
disgrace, shame, dishonor, infamy, ignominy, stigma
infamy, ignominy, contumely, blot, smear
ignominy, shame, dishonor, infamy, contumely, smear
имя существительное
the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed.
a day that will live in infamy
an act of infamy
Do estate agents deserve such infamy ?
a day that will live in infamy
he thrived on the infamy and vilification
A man who can do that is capable of any infamy .
Many may carry no real social disgrace or infamy .
This renown, however, always bordered on infamy .
Near the entrance to the community a monument to the infamy was erected to commemorate the dead.
Still, I will settle for the infamy , if that is the price to pay for honest and forthright expression.
a day that will live in infamy