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inextinguishable / неугасимый, непрекращающийся, неукротимый
имя прилагательное
inextinguishable, quenchless
incessant, unceasing, perpetual, inextinguishable, never-ceasing, never-ending
indomitable, irrepressible, unappeasable, insuppressible, ungovernable, inextinguishable
имя прилагательное
unable to be extinguished or quenched.
a small inextinguishable candle
Some men will hide in the coils of DNA, a few atoms that spell red hair, and they'll flare up for centuries to come like a fire in a coal seam, stubborn and inextinguishable .
I've got a friend who shares my inextinguishable obsession with Late 1970s Los Angeles punk rock, and the fountain of musical genius that followed it in that locale in the early 80s.
However, the tradition of zakuski lives on and is indeed inextinguishable .
It was late afternoon and her body felt leaden with fatigue, but the spark of life at the core of her essential being seemed inextinguishable .
Behind the cheery facade of constitutional government lurks the inextinguishable specter of legally unregulated power.
This child is the bearer of inextinguishable hope for our fallen and troubled world.
But at the same time, and often in stark contrast to Goethe, Schiller displayed an inextinguishable sense of the tragic.
The entire stern of the boat was caught in an inextinguishable blaze.
This incident occurred just after I had finished editing Fred Turner's article on the inextinguishable power of the traditional poem.
The danger is real and immediate, and yet the allure of taking chances, of putting oneself at the mercy of the swirling forces of nature, is inextinguishable .