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inexpensive / недорогой, дешевый
имя прилагательное
inexpensive, reasonable, hand-me-down
cheap, inexpensive, tatty, dime, sixpenny, gimcrack
имя прилагательное
not costing a great deal; cheap.
a simple and inexpensive solution
These tests are generally simple, reproducible, inexpensive , and can be done on stored samples.
Data from these sources are accessible, inexpensive , and widely available.
Unless a product is inexpensive or trivial, brand awareness alone will not be enough to drive you to an actual purchase.
Karaoke is not only a great way to enhance a party, but it's also fairly inexpensive .
Buying an inexpensive property in a less popular area could be a mistake.
If you have the gear, then you are looking at a relatively inexpensive getaway!
The bulbs are fairly inexpensive and often you can find other tulip varieties at bargain bulk-pack prices.
This job should be a reasonably inexpensive one and could be done in one day.
I was surprised at how many sports areas there are near the city centre and how inexpensive they are.
The point is that Ikea sells inexpensive furniture of surprisingly high quality.