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inexorable / неумолимый, непреклонный, безжалостный
имя прилагательное
relentless, inexorable, implacable, grim, stern, deadly
inflexible, adamant, inexorable, unbending, relentless, uncompromising
ruthless, merciless, relentless, pitiless, unrelenting, inexorable
имя прилагательное
impossible to stop or prevent.
the seemingly inexorable march of new technology
Death, that inexorable judge, had passed sentence on him and refused to grant him a reprieve, though two doctors were his counsel.
We shall see in a later chapter that science owes a remarkable and mysterious debt to mathematics, but the Greeks were to some extent impeded by their very reverence for its inexorable logic.
Not only are most of the Asian artists absent from those histories, but modernism itself was not the inexorable forward march it is made out to be.
How should one balance past outrages with the inexorable march of progress?
Call it empowerment if we must, it's an acknowledgement of an inexorable female march into areas previously dominated by men.
If we have false views of God, that he is an ‘ inexorable judge’ then we simply have no grounds to turn to him for salvation.
There is an inexorable march of history toward freedom.
There is no inexorable logic dictating that the media must undermine the independence of the spheres of art and culture.
There is nothing so satisfying, however, as a victory on behalf of the common man against the inexorable march of officialdom.
We can turn a blind eye to theory, but neither God nor his book will protect us from evolution's inexorable march.