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inestimable / неоценимый, бесценный, не поддающийся оценке
имя прилагательное
invaluable, inestimable, priceless, unvalued, inappreciable
priceless, invaluable, inestimable, worthless, beyond price, valueless
не поддающийся оценке
имя прилагательное
too great to calculate.
a treasure of inestimable value
It's been one of those experiences that restores your faith in the inestimable value of being a teacher.
It was a truly broad and liberal education and as such, it was to be of inestimable benefit to me.
The museum has a Saudi sculpture of a falcon on a perch, of inestimable value and stunning vulgarity, made from gold, quartz, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and 1,210 diamonds.
This crop of voices would contribute inestimable value to the party; to stifle the forces of normal growth that would accrue to the party in such a debate would be foolish.
Your tolerance and good humour have an inestimable value in my eyes.
This is without even bringing up the possibility that the results from the fake investigation could be very misleading to the point of causing inestimable harm.
It has inestimable value for today's listeners in gaining a balance between old and new.
The advice and encouragement they had given to him was inestimable , particularly in sharing knowledge of tidal sailing with him, an area of sailing which can always be a weakness for lake sailors, he added.
Yang said the statue is unique in the world and its value was inestimable .
University teaching is a form of political advocacy, and this freedom to think and talk about thoughts is of inestimable value.