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inessential / несущественный, неважный
имя прилагательное
insignificant, inessential, immaterial, inconsequential, nonessential, unessential
unimportant, inconsiderable, of no great import, inessential, ineffectual, immaterial
имя существительное
нечто несущественное
имя прилагательное
not absolutely necessary.
Each of these two Simple Minds records has its share of inessential material, but that is greatly outweighed by the good stuff.
имя существительное
a thing that is not absolutely necessary.
What is peculiar, but alas, all too typical of most, not all, of the people who comment here is their capacity to rabbit on about inessentials and ignore this basic problem.
The Californian is a fine, if inessential sophomore effort from a skilled band that could be on the cusp of something great if only they'd let their guard down.
Like their persecuting predecessors, they mistakenly believed that consciences could be forced in ceremonial and other inessential matters.
In fact, all of the songs here are strong, with the sole exception being the inessential instrumental ‘I Need Something Stronger’.
The album closes with ‘Hey Joe’ and six catchy but inessential bonus tracks.
The Nudix hydrolases thus offer an ideal system with which to study the evolution of a largely inessential protein family and its contribution to the individual biology of an organism.
Are sneakers inessential - if so, does that mean it is okay for firms pursuing market share and surplus in sneakers to run sweat shops?
The High Court, he said, was not an inessential appendage to the new constitutional structure.
It was the type of luxury but inessential furnishing that proliferated in type and quantity in sixteenth-century Venice.
Since the balance of power on the council changed in 2000, there has been a general consensus that York should try to reduce the number of inessential car journeys into the city centre.
False positive results from vegetable peroxidases and red meats in the diet are less likely than with more sensitive tests, minimising the number of patients undergoing inessential colonoscopy.