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inertia / инерция, инертность, вялость
имя существительное
inertia, momentum
inertia, inertness, inactivity, sluggishness, passivity, stagnancy
lethargy, apathy, flaccidity, slackness, weakness, inertia
имя существительное
a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.
the bureaucratic inertia of government
a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.
A better way to measure the mass of a microscopic sample is to quantify the sample's inertia as it is forced into motion.
the thermal inertia of the oceans will delay the full rise in temperature for a few decades
The force of the impact is so great that it pushes the minivan toward the curb where the force of inertia overrides its center of gravity.
the bureaucratic inertia of government
The capital city needs at its helm a person with ideas and energy who can combat the forces of inertia and inefficiency, and who can initiate and manage urgently needed change.
Medieval thinkers had not yet mastered the concept of inertia , the tendency for objects to resist any change in their movement.
So, giving enough money to councils without dealing with the inherent inertia of management and rampant laziness would be like pouring grain in a bag full of holes.
Why does the amount of matter affect the amount of inertia ?
It's not yet possible to predict whether the political system will completely dissipate away under the forces of inertia , or whether some renewed political structure will emerge from the ether.
As you push yourself to overcome inertia , you need to work against the tendency to feel discouraged and hopeless.
Centrifugal ‘force’ is really a function of the inertia of the object being pushed into a circle.