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inert / инертный, нейтральный, неактивный
имя прилагательное
inert, rare, noble, inactive, passive, sluggish
neutral, inert, indifferent
inactive, inert, slack
имя прилагательное
lacking the ability or strength to move.
she lay inert in her bed
He glanced over his shoulder, then spun completely around to stare at the inert body crumpled on the asphalt a few feet behind him.
Our political parties are inert , and that's the reason behind the emergence of the radical groups which are filling in the political vacuum.
Fluorine is so reactive that it forms compounds with the noble gases, which were thought to be chemically inert .
Furthermore, the rapid expansion of cold gases forced hot, oxygenated air from the waste pile and replaced it with chemically inert nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
But a fine grain of plutonium - a chemically inert metal - never dissolves.
Like other elements in Group 18, krypton is chemically inert .
Because it is chemically inert , helium was not identified on Earth until some time later, in 1895.
It's long been suggested that Britain is a country of inert fools who do nothing more than sit in front of the TV.
So is it just an unwillingness on the part of an inert legal community in this country that the jury system has not been adequately researched?
After all, the image of politically inert women reinforces cherished myths about motherhood.