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ineradicable / неискоренимый
имя прилагательное
ineradicable, incurable
имя прилагательное
unable to be destroyed or removed.
ineradicable hostility
Pacs, one of the first such programs in the nation, was founded on the premise that war and other forms of violence are neither inevitable nor ineradicable , despite their omnipresence in human history.
Sadly, a potential for communal hatred seems to be an ineradicable part of human nature.
Here is the seeming ineradicable fallacy that multiplying currency increases wealth and prosperity.
And unlike sidewalk vendors, Internet operations do leave traces - sometimes ineradicable ones.
Rawls' discussion of the distinction between liberal and decent peoples, for example, recognizes that concrete historical differences among peoples are inevitable and ineradicable .
The libertarian idea of society would hold true even if a degree of coercion were absolutely necessary and ineradicable : the more authority residing in civil society rather than the state, the better.
Converts accepted their own ineradicable sinfulness, but they were psychologically freed by the proclamation that God nevertheless considered them innocent or righteous.
I'm looking for evidence to counter the belief that war or the threat thereof are ineradicable aspects of our culture.
Once established, it is an ineradicable weed and it is now naturalized all over Europe and in the USA.
Frances Donaldson attributes Wodehouse's attitude to the war to an ineradicable immaturity, an inability to feel any emotional response to the events taking place in Flanders.