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inelegant / безвкусный, неэлегантный, неизящный
имя прилагательное
tasteless, gaudy, flavorless, insipid, inelegant, bland
inelegant, dowdy, dowdyish
inelegant, ungraceful, inurbane
имя прилагательное
having or showing a lack of physical grace, elegance, or refinement.
he came skidding to an inelegant halt
For too long sword-wielding psychos have been brought down with bullets or capsicum spray, methods which are not only unfair, but inelegant .
While he continues to deliver low blows in equally inelegant packaging, his apologists say he merely has an unclassifiable sense of humour.
When you reach a certain age, it's kind of inelegant to date.
I want him to feel so unhappy that he makes an inelegant departure.
In 37 years it has never looked so inelegant and bedraggled.
My walk is an inelegant bob… as if navigating a choppy sea.
It was dark and slightly inelegant , and I thought it was so cool.
The use of inelegant and possibly inappropriate kanji floored me, and to top it all off, I was sitting in front of speakers blasting Indian fusion music.
There is a clunky, inelegant quality to these objects that is matched by the deliberately crude quality of the plywood tables and shelves on which they rest.
Every so often there is a frenzy of activity, involving the chorus charging off stage or a supremely inelegant dance.